6 Best Pheromones For Men: Reviews Of The Top Pheromone Colognes And Spray To Attract Females

6 Best Pheromones For Men: Reviews Of The Top Pheromone Colognes And Spray To Attract Females

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Seattle, Washington - ( NewMediaWire ) - October 30, 2020 - It’s important to note that all pheromone products are not created equal. While some are incredible and work wonders in offering the desired attraction, some do not have enough potency to be effective, while others do not have the right combination of ingredients to work at all.

This article will review the six best pheromone colognes to determine which products really work and which don’t. Many hours and effort have been invested in analyzing their concentration of pheromones, ingredients, price, and customer reviews. 

Best Pheromone Colognes for Men:

-  True Instinct – Best for Sexual Attraction

-  Nexus Pheromones – Best for Feelings of Trust and Instant Chemistry

-  Pherazone – Best for Social InteractionsSexual Attraction

- Xist Pheromone Oil

- Evolve XS Spray

- RawChemistry

1. True Instinct 

True Instinct is an extra attraction strength pheromone cologne for men. With a combination of three pheromones, the cologne unleashes the wearer’s primal compulsion by boosting their charisma and making women feel more in sync with them.

This concentration of androstenone (masculinity and aggression) can’t be found in nature. Mixing copulins with True Instinct increases its effectiveness, thereby improving confidence and sexuality in men.

While most men colognes contain several pheromones to maximize their effect, True Instinct believes in the “less is more” approach and has these three pheromones that amount to 8,500mcg:

- Androstenone

- Androsterone

- Androstadienone

Lasting up to 8-10 hours, True Instinct allows enough time for a man to make his move, even for the ones that love to take things slow. A bottle of this cologne contains 10ml of unscented fragrance and only needs about 30-150mcg on the pulse point to do the trick. The manufacturer warns against exceeding the 150mcg mark; overusing can cause the opposite of the desired effects. However, the company offers a 100% refund if it doesn’t make the wearer the center of attention for women. 

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2. Nexus Pheromones

Want to woo women in style and grace? Nexus Pheromones is a signature fragrance that uses seven different human pheromones to increase women’s sexual response. The cologne improves women’s mood and helps them feel more comfortable around men in a social setting, bringing the best out of the relationship. Click here to visit the official Nexus Pheromones Website!

The product contains a well-known combination of pheromone that sends out a message of youth and masculinity. These pheromones include:

- Androsterone

- Androstenone

- Alpha-androstenol

- Epiandrosterone

- Beta-androstenol

- Epiandrosterone

- Androstadienone

- Androstenone

Nexus Pheromones cologne lasts up to ten hours, allowing enough time to mingle with women before wearing off. It brings out the best in men, makes them fit, healthy, and charming. Besides, it comes in a single uniform scent and can be used with regular cologne without diminishing its effect.

Nexus Pheromones cologne can be used on the chest and neck, just like any other regular sprays. Again, avoid over-spraying as this can bring the contrast of the desired effects. 

3. Pherazone Spray

Pherazone is an alluring men’s pheromone cologne that comes in 3 different varieties: for men to attract women, for gay men & women to attract the same gender, and for women to attract men. The ingredient in each Pherazone’s pheromone products is dependent on the person you intend to impress. The products designed for men contain:

- 5-alpha-Androstenone

- Beta-androstenol

- Androsterone

- Beta-epi-androstenol

- Androstadienol

- 5-alpha-Androstenol

- Signature fragrance

- Androstadienone

- Concentrated hormone blend

With a blend of 6 super effective ultra-concentrated pheromones, the product increases sexual attraction ten times more than any other pheromone colognes on the market. Besides, it boosts intimacy during foreplay and intercourse and increases the confidence level in bed.

What makes Pherazone special is that it lasts longer than its complementary products and resists moisture and sweat. Whether the wearer is chilling in a club or a swimming pool, he won’t lose their charm for at least 4-8 hours.

Pherazone is best applied directly to the pulse points, including the neck, wrists, and behind the ears, or on the elbows, chest, and thighs, depending on the area he intends to expose. However, one should resist the temptation of applying more even when the scent isn’t strong enough. Doing so won’t increase its effectiveness and might even put women off.

Pherazones are available in designer scented and unscented fragrances. The scented version smells like musky vanilla, which most men love. Overall, men have found Pherazone to be very effective, high quality, and an extra-strength formula that yields powerful results.

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4. Xist Pheromone Oil

XiSt Pheromone Oil for men uses a sophisticated technology (ADT) to help attract more women, even when used alongside other fragrances. The function of ADT is to lift the scent from the pheromone oil into the air when applied.

This product has a mixture of pheromones that increase a man’s potential to connect easily with women. It contains a blend of several pheromones exemplifies sophistication and elegance with every spritz. These pheromones include the following:

- Alcohol denat

- Androsterone

- Androstenone

- Epiandrosterone

- Epiallopregnenolone

- Dipropylene glycol

- Three pheromone molecules

Compared to other pheromones, XiSt Pheromone Oil takes longer before fading away. It’s charming effects last for about eight to ten hours.

A 10ml bottle of XiSt oil can work wonders for adventurous men. Apply a drop or utmost two and let the oil do the talking!

XiSt cologne for men usually comes unscented, but that doesn’t mean that men are restricted from combining it with scents of their choice. Furthermore, there are five more cologne cover fragrances that can be used with this product.

5. Evolve XS Spray

Evolve XS pheromone spray has a higher concentration of androstenone compared to other products. Androstenone has a reputation for evoking sexual feelings and aggression among both men and women.

Evolve Xs Spray uses other molecules to suppress the aggression, so women become more attracted to the wearer. Besides, the high concentration of pheromone enables this cologne to last 6 to 8 hours on the skin. The comprehensive blend of pheromones found in Evolve XS includes: 

- Androstanone

- Androstenone

- Beta-androstenol

- Allo-THDOC

- Epiandrosterone


- Dipropylene glycol

- Alpha-androstenol

- Estratetraenol

- Alcohol denat

One spray of Evolve XS is usually more than enough, but if involved in some vigorous exercises, two sprays will do the trick. Androstenone is an overpowering pheromone and using more than enough might send the wrong message. 

Evolve XS is from the same company as XiSt Pheromone Oil, and both, therefore, come unscented. However, just like XiSt Pheromone Oil, five more colognes cover fragrances that can be used with this product.

6. RawChemistry

RawChemistry is an elegant fragrance that’s designed for the classic man. The cologne is made from a blend of scents and oils and can help attract and capture a woman’s attention immediately the wearer it walks in. The powerful scent this cologne ignites makes any man irresistible to the opposite sex. 

However, what makes RawChemistry cologne special is the use of plant-based ingredients to create a subtle and sophisticated cologne. Unlike other pheromone colognes, this product is made by hand and takes about two to three weeks before a single micro-batch is produced. The ingredients used include:

- Androstadienone

- Androstenol

- Androstenone

- Androsterone

The wearer’s skin type plays a significant role in how effective colognes, pheromones, and similar products will be. Dry skin absorbs faster, allowing RawChemistry to lasts for about six hours. The absorption rate on oily skin is much slower, and the product may last up to ten hours.

Some people get skin irritations after using pheromone products. However, RawChemistry is no such product as it works perfectly for men with sensitive skin. 

Simply apply a small amount of the cologne to the pulse points like the wrist and neck. RawChemistry can also be used near the groin to achieve an experience that’s out of this world! However, where to apply the product entirely depends on the preferences of each individual; most men prefer using it behind their ears, on their waists, and along the jawline.

RawChemistry has a decent and professional scent and can thus be worn to any event. Whether it’s a business or birthday occasion, this sensual fragrance won’t disappoint. 

BONUS! TRUE Pheromones

TRUEPheromones brand offers products designed just for men and others for women. With a wide variety of products to choose from, it’s easy to find something lovely from TRUE pheromones products. Their product line consists of heat-activated cologne pheromone, body sprays, oils, and more. Here are a few types of pheromones present in TRUE Pheromones products:

- AndrostenoneAndrostadienone

- Androstenol

- Beta Androstenol

- Alpha Androstenol

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Besides the best selling TRUE Instinct pheromone cologne discussed above, here are other TRUE pheromones. They include but are not limited to, the following: 

TRUE Alpha: This is meant for sexual excitement and social reaction. It makes men feel powerful when they wear it, asserting dominance without you having to say anything.

TRUE Charisma: Want people to enjoy your presence? This confidence booster gives off impressions of attitude and good communication. It creates powerful emotions of openness and charisma.

TRUE Communication: This product is meant for men who get nervous when talking to women. It makes women start conversations and build trust, stirring communication without a hassle.

TRUE Essence: It has Copulin liquid ingredient that arouses women’s desire to have sex. It can work as an advantage for men who want to be conquerors.

TRUE Opener: It’s an Ice Breaker product that’s loaded with pheromone androstenol. With it, pick-up lines aren’t something to worry about because TRUE Opener will create communication enhancement in both men and women. It makes the wearer more approachable and can be worn on dates, at the office, during days out with friends, or to parties – enjoy great effects whenever you go!

FAQ for Pheramones for Men

Q: Most animals use smell to communicate with the opposite gender, but is that also true for humans? 

A: While natural smell, also called pheromones, can invoke different types of behavior in animals like signaling a food trail or marking territory, these naturally secreted chemicals also serve a significant purpose in human beings--Attracting a Partner. 

Over the past decade, companies have discovered ways of manufacturing effective and ultra-concentrated pheromones. This magical product contains a higher concentration of pheromones in a single dose than what can naturally be produced by the body. The effects they bring about include:

- Women becoming more sexually attracted to men

- Makes women more comfortable around men

- Increased confidence in men while in social places

- More respect from members of the same sex

- More passion in the bedroom

Q: How Do Human Pheromones Work? 

A: Pheromones products use ingredients that tend to have the same effects as natural human pheromones. Pheromones are hormones or ectohormones secreted by the body in the thyroid, thymus, pineal, pituitary, and other glands.

Both men and women excrete these ectohormones through the skin, particularly in areas like the armpits that are likely to sweat more. When the scent is diffused into the surrounding air, people pick it, which can influence how they relate with you. In this regard, pheromone products came to be to especially elicit a response in women and stimulate her sexual behavior. 

Q: What Types of Ingredients Are Used in Pheromone Colognes?

A: In the recent past, more and more pheromone-infused colognes and perfumes are popping up on fragrance stores —and are often marketed with some big claims that they enhance the wearer’s sexual attractiveness.

However, the secret is differentiating products that contain high-quality ingredients from the cheap formulas that do virtually nothing. The good pheromone colognes usually have strengths and various blends of these ingredients:

- Androstadienone: Associated with causing arousal in women

- Epi-androsterone: Sends a message of youthfulness and energy

- Androstenone: Emphasizes dominance and masculinity

- Beta-androstanol: Makes women attracted to you

- Androsterone: projects a man as charming, protective, and reliable, and improves a woman’s mood 

- Alpha-androstanol: Makes a woman attracted and comfortable around the male candidate 

- Oxytocin: Creates emotional and physical closeness through bonding and cuddling

- Androstenone: Enhances attractiveness to women and asserts man’s dominance as the alpha male

Q: Scented or Not Scented, Which One Is Great?

A: It’s advisable to start with the unscented colognes to know which one is tolerable before shifting to the scented ones. Different colognes have a different pheromone blend, and knowing how it smells like before adding a different scent will help determine how it’ll work with women. Later, the unscented pheromone cologne can be blended with other perfumes, oils, or sprays. 

Q: How to Get the Most Out of Pheromones?

A: The following criteria ought to be followed to achieve the best result: 

- Apply pheromone colognes on the heat and pulse points to make it easier to be diffused 

- Apply on clean skin and maintain good hygiene

- Apply the recommended amount

- Combine the cologne with a great personality 

Q: Why is it Important for Men to Buy Pheromone Colognes?

A: Pheromones play a role in helping men to attract women. Some of the best pheromones can also influence confidence levels. Other reasons why men should buy pheromone colognes include: 

Boost Social Status

Pheromones can make men be perceived as more dominant, masculine, and confident. When men portray these qualities, they become aware of other people flocking around them, demanding their attention. 

Gain Trust and Respect

Men’s pheromones not only build confidence but also attract the people around them. Therefore, they’re perceived as genuine and confident, thereby commanding respect from those around them. 

Get More Dates

Pheromones are intended to make women more attracted to men. Therefore, it’s easier for a man to evoke the attention of the woman they love, and that date as well.

Make a Good First Impression

First impressions always matter a lot. The best pheromones will provide a better platform for a man to know and interact with a woman. When impressed, the woman will spare some time to get to know him.